Situated at Hikka Tranz, Hikkaduwa, we have the most ideal location for diving. Right in front of the Walduwa, Rock outcrops, and Coral gardens, which provide plenty of snorkelling, and free diving areas for the enthusiast. It also provides us with several Safe sites, for the beginner scuba diver to discover and truly appreciate the underwater experience. One can also relax in between dives, feeding, and swimming with the several large friendly green sea turtles that come right up to the shore, at the foot of our dive center.

The reef begins at our feet, and spreads out to several dives sites, minutes away, for the recreational diver. Proliferate with a myriad of species ,and colourful coral beds, rocky outcrop, and underwater caverns, is a world, waiting to be explored, a world waiting for discovery ,and adventure. Dive For You provides the key to this Kingdom.

Dive For You have several programs, and several dive sites, to educate, and share, our long abiding love for our Ocean world, and concerns for its environment, with the enthusiast. Providing, a safe, service oriented, and a friendly, but professional service, is our hallmark.



We take the beginners from their first steps in the pool, and to their first open water dive in a mornings session, with our discover scuba dive program .And as the enthusiasm and confidence grows, divers can graduate to the open water courses, with accompanying PADI certification, on completion.

PADI instructors

Our PADI qualified instructors, and dive masters have several years of experience, and intimate knowledge of Hikkaduwa and the surrounding sea. Hikkaduwa, situated the south western tip of Sri Lanka, has some of the most exciting dive sites available, and more for the underwater explorer. Its azure blue water, always refreshed by the Indian Ocean, provides clear visibility, for photography, as well as exploration. Our dive sites range from shallow beginnings to the deeper dives for the more experienced.


Dive Sites and Wild Life

With qualification, one can then visit our deeper sites, caverns, rock outcrops, reef, and Ridges, as well as the shipwrecks that this area is famous for.   Well maintained and populated with several colorful specie of reef and rock dwellers, our sites abound with plant and corals. Pelagic specie, like Tuna, Mackerel, Bonito, trevally, and barracuda make their regular visits. The grouper with their attendant cleaner wrasse and Morays peering out inquisitively from homes, live in symbiosis with colourful shrimp. Parrot fish constantly patrol, and trigger fish dart over the rocks, while several species of surgeon fish are ever present. Banner fish escort the imperious Moorish idol, and the damsel, and butterfly fish, frolic amidst the Sea fans and black coral trees, while Angels keep a watchful eye. Mussels and tube worm covered, whip coral, snake up toward the sunlight, and in the caverns and crevices, crayfish and crab, and have their home. Seashells and mollusc, lie amidst Anemones, and their resident clownfish. Octopus clamber over the surrounding terrain, and cleaners maintain station in canyon and grotto. A variety of ray and skate,  glide silently past ,while shoals of Fusilier and sardine, swirl in sparkling synchronized  underwater ballets, and schools of sweet lip mullet, form welcoming committees, to greet the divers and accompany them in their exploration. Curious squid and the languid sea turtle, float weightlessly over the shimmering white coral sand, and add to the great kaleidoscope of subterranean life around our dive sites, and for the viewing pleasure of the recreational diver.


With safety our constant concern, we take the more advanced divers to the recommended limit of 40 meters, to deeper and more challenging sites. Formations of rock pillars reaching upward from the darker depths, with mammoth granite boulders cascading down precipitous ledges, forming caves, and grottos for the avid explorer, and are well inhabited with resident marine species. And for the lucky diver, a chance visit by the gentle giant of the ocean, the whale shark is always imminent.